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Eligible students must be rising 6th, 7th and 8th graders from PS 188, PS 140 or PS 34 with good attendance records and a 3 or 4 on the citywide ELA and math tests. Students must complete the application for admission which has four parts: personal information, teacher recommendation, transcript and writing portfolio. The final component of the application is an optional art piece. Once the studentís application has been reviewed, she or he will be interviewed by an Academy faculty member or administrator. Academics/Curriculum: During the Saturday program we offer three academic subjects: humanities, math, and science. In addition to these subjects, in the summer we also offer a creative movement class. The curriculum is designed to foster skills essential for high school including essay writing, keeping a lab notebook for science, and developing a rule book for math. It is our belief that, as students develop skills in observation and reflection, they become more mindful of their process as learners. We administer pre and post tests to measure our studentsí growth. When asked what he likes best about coming to the Academy, one participant writes, "...the staff supports each student and I get to learn new things."