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During the Saturday program we offer three academic subjects: humanities, math, and science. In addition to these subjects, in the summer we also offer a creative movement class. The curriculum is designed to foster skills essential for high school including essay writing, keeping a lab notebook for science, and developing a rule book for math. It is our belief that, as students develop skills in observation and reflection, they become more mindful of their process as learners. We administer pre and post tests to measure our students’ growth. When asked what he likes best about coming to the Academy, one participant writes, “…the staff supports each student and I get to learn new things.”


This July we took a trip to the New Museum (visit newmuseum.org for information on their school programs and exhibits).  I created this worksheet for the 2008 Altoid Awards Gallery and the After Nature Exhibit.  My students generated some of their strongest writing at the New Museum, so I’m pleased to share this worksheet with fellow educators.  Please feel free to borrow any portions or ideas for your own visit.
                            --Joe Vallese